Proyecto Gamarra or Project Gamarra, is an activist design initiative that aims to inform and raise awareness among users [consumers, producers, providers] about the impact and importance of the Gamarra Commercial Emporium within the Peruvian fashion system, using two platforms: ART and WEB.

ART aims to raise awareness among different audiences through the creation and exhibition of specially design artwork & collections inspired in Gamarra. These pieces are presented in runways, in photo-shoots, journals, art galleries, installations and other platforms that connect and let different public learn about the Commercial Emporium..

WEB aims to inform and raise awareness among the general public, and among people directly related to Gamarra, about different issues pertaining to the Emporium (research, news, articles, etc.) through its blog and through social media (Facebook and Twitter).

These two strategies have been successfully developed since 2009, presenting information, creating curiosity and promoting a message of interest and concern about the development of the Gamarra Commercial Emporium and its impact on the Peruvian fashion system.

PROJECT GAMARRA, and Gamarra projects in me.

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